Our staff

Senior executive

Sharon Roberts

Deputy Principals
Karl Pico (Years 7 and 10)
Nilaufer Rajwar (Years 8 and 11)
Peter Shields (Years 9 and 12)

Head Teachers

Administration: Aflal Sahabdeen (relieving)

Dance: Belinda Scanlan (relieving) (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) and Alison McKellar (relieving) (Fri)

Drama: Daniel Kavanagh

English: Jack Taylor

HSIE: Rachel O'Neill

Mathematics: Joelle Pearn

Music: Ynping Mak (relieving)

PDHPE: Sam Byrne (relieving)

Science/LOTE: Amanda Whitfield

TAS: Olivia Saravanos (relieving)

Teaching and Innovation: Giovanna Trenoweth

Visual Arts: Catherine Hannan (relieving)

Year Advisers

Year 7: Hans Mayerhofer assisted by Lisa Coveny

Year 8: Rachael Holland assisted by Callum Eckersley

Year 9: Dominique Sweers assisted by Rhylee Shrubsall

Year 10: Amber Johnson assisted by Philip Podreka

Year 11: Alain Lavrut assisted by Amanda Di Camillo

Year 12: Stefanie Leotta assisted by Ula George


Regan Pullen (Tue, Wed, Fri)
Jessica Cashman (Mon, Tue, Thu)

Teacher Librarian
Dominique Sweers

Careers Adviser
Ula George

Who to contact

For information, clarification and advice regarding classroom work and class tasks

Head Teacher

Year Advisor
Information, clarification and advice regarding your child’s wellbeing

Deputy Principal
For more serious issues regarding wellbeing, curriculum, learning support and general progress


Administration Office

Performing Arts Head Teachers
For information, clarification and advice regarding the co-curricular program including rehearsal/performance requirements and attendance please contact the relevant Performing Arts Head Teachers

Email Guidelines [120KB]

Unit "Newtown High School of Performing Arts"
Staff Adams, Dean Welfare, Youth Outreach Worker
ANTHONY, Michael Languages, Teacher
Argyri, Christina School Administrative Manager
Atkinson, Jeremey Mathematics, Teacher
Aynsley, Diane TAS, Head Teacher
Banks, Sarah Dance, Teacher
Bathgate-Petersen, Emma Dance, Teacher
Bradley, Justin Science, Teacher
Brooks, Jessica English, Teacher
Burg, Fiona Dance, Teacher
Byrne, Samuel PD/H/PE, Head Teacher
Callaghan, Olivia Dance, Teacher
Cashman, Jessica Welfare, Teacher
Causey, Lucy ,
Chang, Jason English, Teacher
Chen, Alice English, Teacher
Chin, Adrian Learning and Support, Teacher
Choucair, Nahida Science, Teacher
Cole, David HSIE, Teacher
Collings, Craig TAS, Teacher
Cooper, Colleen PD/H/PE, Teacher
Coveny, Lisa English, Teacher
Crich, Wayne English, Teacher
Da Costa-Reidel, Clara Science, Teacher
Darmon, Kimon TAS, Teacher
De Korte, Ngaire English, Teacher
della Mura, Adele Science, Teacher
di Camillo, Amanda Mathematics, Teacher
Dunlop, Matthew HSIE, Teacher
Dwyer, Allan Mathematics, Teacher
Eaton, Jennifer Visual Arts, Teacher
Eckersley, Callum HSIE, Teacher
Ellis, Cassandra English, Teacher
Farrell, Brian ,
Favelle, Sophie TAS, Teacher
Field, Asher HSIE, Teacher
Gaynor, David Business Services, Technology Support Officer
George, Ula Careers, Teacher
Gibb, Melanie Dance, Teacher
Gonda, Jose Drama, Teacher
Gray, Jane Mathematics, Teacher
Hannan, Catherine Visual Arts, Teacher
Hardingham, Amy Drama, Teacher
Harrington, Shannon TAS, Teacher
Heinz, Francesca Visual Arts, Head Teacher
Hindmarsh, Hannah Science, Teacher
Hoddinott, Judith Drama, Teacher
Holland, Rachael PD/H/PE, Teacher
IVISON, Gary TAS, Teacher
Janusic, Zeljko Mathematics, Teacher
Johnson, Amber Music, Teacher
Kanasugi, Simona TAS, Teacher
Kavanagh, Daniel Drama, Head Teacher
Keane, Hugh HSIE, Teacher
Kotik, Paris Visual Arts, Teacher
Lavrut, Alain English, Teacher
Leotta, Michelle English, Teacher
Leotta, Stefanie HSIE, Teacher
Lewis-Jones, Emlyn Music, Teacher
Macedone, Bel Drama, Teacher
Mahon, David Visual Arts, Teacher
Mak, Ynping Music, Teacher
Mantzikopoulos, Jim Mathematics, Teacher
Martyn, Louise English, Teacher
Mavromatis, Angelique Dance, Teacher
Mayerhofer, Hans HSIE, Teacher
Mcgowan, Deborah Music, Teacher
McKellar, Alison Dance, Teacher
Meimaris, Angela TAS, Teacher
Menyhart, Alexander English, Teacher
Micalizzi-Triolo, Antonella Languages, Teacher
Miller, Christopher Music, Head Teacher
Milos, Effie TAS, Teacher
Munns, Leisa Dance, Head Teacher
Newport, Nicholas Science, Teacher
Nguyen, Angelina Music, Teacher
O'Neill, Rachel HSIE, Head Teacher
ODonnell, Meredith Visual Arts, Teacher
Oliver, Adam Business Manager
Parnham, Jonathan HSIE, Teacher
Pearn, Joelle Mathematics, Head Teacher
Pico, Karl Deputy Principal
Podreka, Philip Music, Teacher
Pullen, Regan Welfare, Teacher
Radojevic, Sanja TAS, Teacher
Rajwar, Nilaufer Principal
Reynolds, Elly PD/H/PE, Head Teacher
Rigby, Tyrone HSIE, Teacher
Roberts, Matilda HSIE, Teacher
Roberts, Sharon Principal
Rosier Staines, Sophia Mathematics, Teacher
Roumanos, Louise Dance, Teacher
Saadeh, Kristina Science, Teacher
Sahabdeen, Aflal Administration, Head Teacher
Saravanos, Olivia TAS, Teacher
Sattar, Maliha TAS, Teacher
Scanlan, Belinda Dance, Head Teacher
Shannon, Niamh ,
Shields, Peter Deputy Principal
Shrubsall, Rhylee PD/H/PE, Teacher
Sivanathan, Lingeswary Mathematics, Teacher
Spirovska, Cathy Science, Teacher
Stephens, Danielle TAS, Teacher
Stewart, Vicki Mathematics, Teacher
Sweers, Dominique Library, Teacher
Taylor, Jack English, Head Teacher
Trenoweth, Giovanna Visual Arts, Head Teacher
Turner, Benjamin Technical/Production Coordinator
Van Munster, Zoe Drama, Teacher
Vardanega, Cate PD/H/PE, Teacher
Wei, Lin Mathematics, Teacher
Whitfield, Amanda Science, Head Teacher
Wong, Joseph Mathematics, Teacher
Wyndham, Warwick TAS, Teacher
Zitser, Victor English, Teacher